Quality Control Module

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."

Quality control(QC) is a procedure intended to ensure that a manufactured product or a service sticks to a defined set of quality standard or meets the requirements of the customer. And this effects the reputation and the trust of your business.In every organization, raw material, work in progress and end products are repeatedly inspected. This is to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process of procurement, production or distribution. The quality management module handles the traditional task of quality planning, inspection and quality control in an organization.

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Does your application provide dynamic QC Parameters and QC Sheets development?
Does your software checks parameter range automatically to pass QC?
Do you know, how much QC is still pending?

Quality Control

Quality control is guarantee and a trust to your customer for everything that comes from outside or produced in the company itself. And in any business what we get paid is, for trust. There are few features of our Quality control module. QC is done for

Every Raw Material That Comes In

Every Job Inward

Every Material Weather Component Or Intermediate Product In Material Produces

The Final Product That Is Received After Production.


All get verified and checked in quality control procedure.

Manage Inventory

There is an option to manage inventory through QC which needs to be configured in settings. If you have configured that stock should be managed with QC, then as soon as the GRN is received, an option pops up namely Pending GRN, for which QC has not been done yet. You can then perform QC on each material.

Dynamic Parameter System

For different products, there are different parameters for quality control. So, we have kept a dynamic parameter system in the software. In parameters we have a system, where you can define your normal range either in numeric or in string.

QC Sheet

With the combination of these dynamic parameters you can easily create a QC sheet and attached to raw, intermediate or finish material for QC Testing.

Partial Scrap Entry

Sometimes, some pieces are found OK during QC test but some are not. At that time you can generate partial scrap entry in QC. That scrap could also be sold again.

Returned Back

We have multiple options that can be used to pass material fully or partially, if during QC testing the material got rejected, then it could be returned back.

Document Attachment

QC documents are attached with the material to ensure that it is quality tested. And good thing integration of the DMS module for document attachment is available.

QC Mobile App

Get notified once GRN received for QC.
Pass the QC by entering QC Sheet Parameters on the mobile. Based on requirement you can pass the QC either partially or fully.
Pending QC list to see the pending work to be done.

Why Quality control Module is required in any enterprise ?

Quality is an important factor when it comes to product or service in the business industry. With the growing competition, quality has become the market disparity for all products and services. Therefore, all manufacturers and service providers out there repeatedly strive for enhancing their product or the service quality. In order to maintain or enhance the quality, manufacturers use two techniques namely, quality control and quality assurance. These two techniques ensure that the product or the service meets the quality requirements and standards defined. Hence Quality control is mandatory in building a successful business that delivers products that meets or exceeds customer's expectations.

" Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. "

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