Labour Attendance & Salary

Calculating labour attendance is a tedious work but Labour Attendance makes it very easy to keep track of Labour attendance and calculate salaries. Multiple Labour Contractor's labours attendance and salary calculation is also possible.

Solutions For...

Do you know, how to manage multiple labour contractor with a different type of labour's attendance and salary?
Does your software contain the facility to add rates labour contractor wise category wise?
Are you able to get how much to pay each contractor quickly?


Labour attendance and salary module is the essential software for all business type either it is small or big.

Labour Contractor Management 

Module is equipped with Labour Contractor Management which includes Labour Categories, Labour entry under Labour Category and Labour Contractor. One can define contractor wise Category wise labour rates.

Labour Attendance

Select Labour Contractor and date, enter all labour attendance in single screen. Attendance can be Half Day/Full Day/Absent/Holiday/Off/Paid. One can also add overtime as half day/Full Day. Add remark to employee attendance if any.

Labour Attendance Report

Labour Attendance Report show Monthly attendance view Labour contractor wise, labour wise. It also shows salary as per attendance & over time. Bottom of the report shows total labour salary to give to the labour contractor.

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