Cost & Estimation Module

"Right estimation gives right growth."

Once company receives inquiry, each product inquired needs to be estimated in all the way to give right quote. This module suite to any company providing teller mode or customized product or service development. You can utilize this for costing of Designed based Mechanical projects.

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Are you able to estimate customized product quickly?
Have you ever come across the module, in which you can generate dynamic BOQ and General Parameters to calculate the cost & estimation of any kindly of the product?

Cost Estimation

One can create input and output parameters, Using input and output parameters formulas can be created. You can define multiple complex mathematical formulas for single output parameter.

Create Component

Create Component which are combination of input and output formula parameters. Component is the main costing leaf nodes which costing will be calculated based on formulas. One can selected "rate calculated on" parameter for each individual separately.

Cost Sheets

Cost sheets are templates, which are combination of group wise components to prepare estimation of particular product. We can reuse the templates every time when we want to estimate the product for different inquires. Cost sheets may include BOM Cost sheet and General Cost Sheet.


Estimation of particular product can be done using cost sheet template. Once cost sheet template used system will auto generate estimation sheet in a matrix form with subtotal and total. Now you need to feed in input parameter and based on formulas rate and total will be calculated automatically.

BOM or BOQ Estimation

One can derived BOM or BOQ estimation and clubbed it with General Estimation to get the total estimation of the inquired product.

" Right estimation gives right growth. "

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